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February 21, 2012
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Cigul and Miral - The City - Reference by 1nky Cigul and Miral - The City - Reference by 1nky
Ref for :iconthecity-oct:

Additional Info About Flecks:

Flecks basically have liquid aether inside them - usually corresponding to the colour of their 'leaf hair.' Their bodies are made out of this claylike substance, that's hardy, but easy to shatter or tear. Their wings are made out of crystallised aether - and they serve as their main life force. Male Flecks can change the shape of their wings to use them as tools.

What about Cigul?

His wings were shattered - he was saved thanks to the combined efforts of a mage, a tailor and a Drone. The crystal he wears is all that's left of it - naturally, he can't shapeshift it anymore. He's able to move his 'scarf arms' because of the aether lines stained into them.

Can Miral shapeshift her wings?

Nope - Female Flecks use their body rings to shapeshift into tools, instead of their wings. Miral, however, was born without said ring.

What's their maturity level?

They act childish and immature at times - probably like ten year olds. If they get serious, though, they can be very insightful and strategic, and their mental ages can probably be around 25 (not like that's a very mature age, but it's less childish, at least).

Do they eat?

No mouths! Plus, their aether gives them all the energy they need. If they use it up, they just rest until it replenishes itself, or wait for another Fleck to help restore their energy, if they're in a hurry.

What's Cigul and Miral's relationship like?

Cigul and Miral’s love could probably be more compared to a more platonic relationship – they act as besties most of the time, but like most couples, will occasionally act unbearably mushy towards each other. Flecks are fairly asexual, and the closest they’d probably get would be cuddles and snuggles. They seek to support each other, physically and mentally, and are entirely devoted to the other.

It doesn’t stop them from getting into petty arguments, here and there.


How big/heavy are they?

Both Flecks are around ten inches tall. They weigh around 100 grams, but the more tired they are, the heavier they get. Dead-tired Flecks can weigh a kilogram. They are strong enough to lift up about ten times their weight (a kilogram) but with great difficulty.

How fast are they?

They can hit speeds of 120 km/hr, though flaying at that speed for too long can tucker them out.

What if Miral is knocked out? Will she still act as an energy multiplier?

It's not a conscious thing, she will still give Cigul's attacks substance - only half, though, the stronger attacks come from a conscious effort. And again, vicinity's going to be a major problem if she can't move at all. If Cigul stays still, he is a sitting duck.

Cigul & Miral © myself.
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thieviusracoonus Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014
Is there a species reference for flecks?
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They're so cute!
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These characters are awesome. :D I like the way you wrote this - especially the "Can they talk?" section.

Also, razzle dazzle THOK.
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